Ten interesting facts about tea

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Many, waking up in the morning, love to drink a cup of your favorite tea, which energizes for the whole day, and also has a number of useful properties. Not everyone prefers coffee, because tea invigorates no worse. Yes, and taste is absolutely not inferior.

But what do we know about tea? Below are 10 interesting facts about this drink, which is drunk all over the world, from young to old.

  • Tea is the most popular drink in the world, beer ranks second in popularity. The exception is England and Ireland, where beer is more popular than tea.
  • It turns out that the first cup of tea was drunk quite by accident. According to Chinese mythology, in 2737 BC. e. The Chinese emperor Shen-nun sat under a tree while his servant served him hot water. A few leaves from the tree fell into the water, and the emperor decided to try the drink. After drinking the water, he was surprised at its unusual flavor and taste, and wished to continue to use only such a drink. The tree was a wild plant known as camellia chinese.
  • Green and black tea is made from the same tea tree camellia sinensis. All the difference in the processing of tea leaves. In the production of black tea from the collected green leaves, moisture is removed, then they are rolled up on special roller machines, after which the leaf tissues are destroyed, giving rise to a whole series of chemical reactions, resulting in teaflavins and thearubigins in the tea leaf, giving the characteristic taste of black tea. And green tea is not fermented. When it is prepared from the leaves only remove moisture. Therefore, green tea is similar in chemical composition to fresh leaves of Chinese camellia and is more natural.
  • Interesting fact, but not everyone and not always knew about such a seemingly elementary thing that you need to drink tea. When tea had just begun to appear in Europe, and almost nothing was known about it, a salad was prepared from imported tea leaves at one of the official royal receptions.
  • In the old days, tea cups were put in a cup, not the usual sugar, but salt. Can you imagine it being so now?
  • Green tea contains 50% more vitamin C than regular black.
  • Tea contains many antioxidants. With moderate consumption improves the immune system, helps in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • There is also a legend about how a tea bag was invented. It says that a supplier from New York, Thomas Sullivan, found that delivering tea in metal cans was expensive. Therefore, in 1904, he began selling tea in paper bags. One of the clients accidentally dropped the bag into the water and saw that it was a good tea. The story is beautiful, but the patent for tea bags is dated 1903. Most tea connoisseurs believe that the invention of tea bags worsened its taste and properties. Over time, tea, which is used in tea bags, has become the lowest grade of tea.
  • Tea is able to absorb odors around it. Here’s a tip for removing food odors from your hands: wash your hands with tea and all smells will be removed. This method works great even with the smell of fish!
  • And some statistics: in one second, a little over two million cups of tea are drunk on the globe.