How to brew black tea

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All the above healing properties of tea and its health effects on the body are saved only if it is properly consumed. First of all, black tea has to be learned how to brew properly – this is not such a simple process as it seems, although there is nothing difficult in it either.

The kettle, designed for brewing, must be cleaned, rinsed with water and dried. Water for tea is boiled over low heat – no need to add water to the kettle with the remaining boiling water – all the water should be fresh: as soon as the water starts to boil – it becomes slightly cloudy, whitens and small bubbles form, the kettle should be removed from the stove and wait – the water should cool down at least up to 65 ° C.

Dried teapot for brewing 3-4 times rinsed with fresh boiling water, and put in a dry leaf black tea – as many spoons as there are cups in it, and add another 1 spoon. For example, if the volume of the kettle is 5 cups of water, 6 tsp should be put into it. tea – at this ratio the strength of the tea will be average. Do not quickly pour boiling water over tea – let it lie in the kettle for about a minute, and then pour water at a temperature of about 63 ° C into the kettle, quickly close it with a lid and cover it with a napkin – the spout should also be covered. It is possible to insist high-quality black tea for no more than 5 minutes: after about 3 minutes the napkin is removed, the lid is opened and the boiling water is added to prevent the water from reaching the lid a little; then the kettle is closed with a lid and a napkin again, and after 2 minutes it is poured with boiling water to the top. This method of filling allows you to slow down the process of cooling water in the kettle.

During this process, as a rule, foam appears on the tea: it is not necessary to remove it – it is in it that everything useful and valuable is concentrated, so it is better to let it fall into the cup – so that everyone has enough, you should just stir it in the teapot.