Black tea

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Black and green tea is produced from leaves collected from one tea bush – just black tea ferments longer. Leaf black tea is the highest quality, and it is produced in India: the areas in which it is grown are called Darjeeling and Assam – under these names the best black leaf teas are known all over the world.

Darjeeling is the most expensive black tea: when buying it, you need to be more careful and avoid fakes – the time of harvest must be indicated on the package; the place where tea is grown; age of the tea plant. The color of Darjeeling, if brewed, will be lighter than other black teas, and it is less strong, but very fragrant and fragrant, with a slight scent of flowers and almonds.

Assam is a completely different black tea. It is not as aromatic as Darjeeling, and much stronger; its color is dark, reddish or orange, and it smells slightly of malt. Assam is rarely sold in pure form – more often it is mixed with other types of tea. The English are very fond of Assam: they consider it English, and they call it classic, but they usually drink it in the morning or at lunch – it’s Assam that is part of the well-known English Breakfast blend.